My Partner Mirna Gabr and I worked on a prototype and a first draft of the narrative game together.

This is the first draft of the game after making some edits and research to enhance the story and alter it to the real experience of the Mexican earthquake experience.

Here is the link to the narrative game: https://goo.gl/forms/PBlQmmAeOvDIive83


5 thoughts on “#HELP-MEXICO Draft 1

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  1. The game is so fun to play, the layout is really good and the scenarios are not too short and not too long which enhances the gaming experience. I can’t find anything to improve it’s perfect as it is.


  2. The game was very interesting to play and the scenarios were very realistic and i feel like they perfectly portrayed the struggles of the people of Mexico and of any country that faces natural disasters in general!


  3. Very interesting game! Allowed me to learn more about this topic, which I didn’t know much about! I like how the game is kind of split into two, creating different scenarios to help convey the message! For your final draft, you may want to add more pictures to the rest of the questions to increase the impact the situations have on the audience.


  4. Dear Nada and Mirna – Good use of visuals and situations – but please make your game viewable by the public not just people at AUC – so more people can give you feedback on it.


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